Montrose, Alabama Montrose Cemetery

Montrose is situated on the Eastern Shore of beautiful Mobile Bay.


Situated between Daphne and Fairhope in Alabama, quiet Montrose predates both of them.
Over one hundred and seventy years ago, in 1847, the founder Cyrus Sibley laid out this charming village in large parcels and long lots stretching to Mobile Bay.

As early as 1768 there was a settlement here near the unique red clay bluffs. This point boasts the highest elevation on any of the eastern coastline from Maine to Mexico. A historic marker on Scenic Highway 98 just north of this property describes "Ecor Rouge".
Ecor Rouge Marker

Early History:
Montrose is almost entirely residential, and much of the community has been designated by the State of Alabama and the United States as an Historic District. Fourteen of the homes date from the early 1850's and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Also listed is the original Montrose Post Office, constructed in 1890 and still standing on Adams Street. Scenic Highway 98 and several side streets are lined with majestic live oak trees hundreds of years old. The care of these trees is a community project of the Montrose Garden Club, founded in 1946.
Old Montrose Post Office

Floral Images of Montrose Modern day Montrose is a blend of historic structures and newer homes of Creole and Greek Revival architecture, together with attractive cottages and smaller homes. The historic Montrose Cemetery on Sibley Street was dedicated in 1856.

Middle years:
Our Civil War history is well recorded by the descendants of the descendants of those who lived here at that time, and in the book "Montrose" by Florence and Richard Scott. (Available through the Montrose Garden Club, and for reading in local libraries.)

One such resident was Thomas W. Marshall, our first permanent Postmaster
Adams Street
Modern Times:
A lot more people live here now; including some great "Yankee" and California transplants well as some wonderful fifth generation locals!

Sights to See:
  • Ecor Rouge Historic Marker on Main Street / Highway Scenic 98
  • Bay access via Sibley Street off Highway Scenic 98
  • The "Beehive House" off Parker Road
  • The First Post Office (Photo Below)
  • The Avenue of Oaks (Photo Below)
  • Montrose Cemetery (Photo Below)

First Post Office (1890)
on Adams Street

Avenues of Oaks
along Adams Street
Montrose Cemetery »»
on Sibley Street
  1. Nine acre square dedicated in 1856
  2. See the Old Section (SW corner)
  3. Historic (pre 1900) graves
  4. Cyrus Sibley Plaque
  5. Restored pre civil war Oliver Cottage
  6. Trees & Floral Plantings

Montrose Cemetery on Sibley Street


A couple of our spectacular sunsets ...
Montrose Sunset
The view from Sibley and Main Streets.
Montrose Sunset
Remains of the old Montrose Wharf at Stedman's Landing, where the Bay Boats docked.

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